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ISLAMIC ASTROLOGY CLASS 1: Unlocking Aries Sign Mastery

Introduction to Islamic Astrology

May ALLAH bless all the Muslims around the World. We will be discussing about Aries Sign Zodiac in this class of Astrology. However, before srating our class, it would be important to understand about the subject of Astrology, also called as ‘Ilm e Nujoom’.

Ilm e Nujoom has been the part of Early Muslim Sciences. Although one can’t attach it solely to the Islamic religion, yet from the Quran and Hadith, it is clear to us that the Planets and constellations do have the effect on the lives of the people. There are many Early Scholars of Islam who have written on this subject, including Hazrat Ibn Al Arabi (R.A.), Al Biruni (R.A.), and many notable scholars of Islam.

It is the extreme hard luck of the Muslim Ummah that they have totally thrown this useful knowledge and the non-Muslims are taking advantage from this Ilm. This Ilm (Knowledge) has no relation to Kufr. It is just a Knowledge. The real controller of the things is ALLAH (S.W.T.), yet he has told us the ways to live a good life. We will be dealing with this complex subject of Islamic astrology and we will be starting the things today.

Here we go!

Info about Aries Sign

Aries: (Mesh in Hindi, Humal in Urdu)
Ruling Planet is Mars

Aries Sign (Burj Humal)


People born in the aries sign are Physically well built (Neither too lean nor too obese), eyes are usually rounded, average height, and particularly emotional.


People born in the aries sign sign are usually warrior kind, as Mars is the planet that rules Aries, and it is a warrior planet. These people are usually short tempered and indulges in fights over little things. These people easily get persuaded. Having the warrior nature, these people can’t reside at one place and move from one place to another place frequently. These people are emotional and usually have a soft corner towards their partners (especially males). This is the reason that these people are usually ruled by their partners.


The aries sign people people usually suffer from Cough and cold, Skin problems, strokes, High blood pressure, stomach Pain, and Kidney infections.


These people of aries sign are usually suited to the tasks that include Physical labour, Power, and acts of Bravery. Thus, people born in this sign are usually in the army. These people are brave soldiers. once these people get stuck over something, they remain stuck on the particular thing. Other professions that suit these people include Martial arts trainer, Police, Watchman, bodyguard, athlete, firefighter, Surgeon, e.t.c


Mars being the ruling planet of Aries, and color of Mars being red, these people are usually inclined towards eating Non-vegetarian food, and high Protein fibre-based diet.

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Best books for Learning Islamic Astrology

There are many books that delves deep into the subject of astrology. However, when it comes to Islam, there is not great number of books on this subject written. Either the books are in Arabic, or are in Urdu. Also the amount of Literature on this subject is very less. Such is the bad luck this Ummah is going through. We have completely forgotten our Awliya ALLAH who have done extreme hard work on this subject. Yet I have myself read some books that could give knowledge to you all regarding Islamic Astrology. You could buy these books. The buying link is mentioned below. Please stay away from downloading the online material. The print of the online material in the pdf format is not good. One would not be able to understand anything. Kindly buy the books which I am referring to you using these links. The people from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh can easily order these books from the given Affiliate links below. Also, the people from Europeon countries could read English books written by the great writers and knowers on Islamic Astrology to get the deep insights into it. Kindly buy through these links, as I am working very hard for my Ummah to get blessed with the knowledge, and it requires some money to help for the Ummah.

Ilmun Nujoom Wa Tashkhisul Amraz

Islamic Astrology Book
Ilmun Nujoom Wa Tashkhisul Amraz

Buying Link:

Astronomy and Astrology in the Medieval Islamic World: 600 (Variorum Collected Studies) 

Islamic Astrology Book
Astronomy and Astrology in the Medieval Islamic World: 600 (Variorum Collected Studies) 

Buying Link:

Asbaq un Nujoom (Urdu Astrology Book by Hazrat Kash Al Barni)

Asbaq un Nujoom

Buying Link:

May ALLAH bless us all with the divine Islamic Knowledge and help us to die on the true Deen of Islam!

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