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When is Ramadan 2024 date?

Ramadan 2024 Date


The Ramadan 2024 date in India is ‘Monday 11th March 2024’

Ramadan is a month that has a high place among the sacred months of our religion Islam. Every Muslim wait for this month every year and wants to get himself free from every kind of sin. It is the best month to attain salvation and make ALLAH (S.W.T.) happy by performing Salah (Regular Prayer), Fasting (Sawm), and other kinds of Prayers.

People have already started to search for the Ramadan 2024 Date in India. This shows the importance of this month where every act of worship and every act of charity is almost 70 times the reward of the original. People who were away from the worship of ALLAH have already planned to make this month the most rewarded for themselves and to never return on the path of the Devil (Satan).

Exact Ramadan 2024 Date

Name of Islamic Months (Islamic Hikayatein)

The Exact Ramadan 2024 Date could be 11th of March 2024, or it could be on 12th of March 2024. The occurrence of Ramadan depends upon the sighting of the Moon. Ramadan is an Islamic Month that comes after the month of Shaban.

There are twelve Islamic Months, and each month goes according to the Lunar Calendar. The Lunar Calendar has at most 30 days, and minimum 29 Days.

Thus, the Ramadan 2024 Date could either fall on 11th of March 2024, or 12th of March 2024 depending upon the sighting of moon.

Virtues of Prayer and other acts of Worship in the month of Ramadan

Ramadan 2024 Date (Islamic Hikayatein)

As already stated, Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar. It is one of the Holy months that is most sacred. Each prayer and other forms of worship are rewarded 70 times the original. Fasting is the central characteristic in this month where a believer has to keep himself Hungry and thirsty from the time of Sehr till the time of Maghrib.

Fasting (Sawm) is the fourth Pillar of Islam. Being the fourth Pillar, this is incumbent on every believer to keep Fast in the month of Ramadan and on other special occasions. Although, fasting on the other special Ocasions like in the month of Moharram (First Month) on the Day of Ashura and after/before the Day of Ashura, the believers can also keep the Fast in the other months as well. However, keeping Fast in the month of Ramadan is Fardh (Necessary) on every Believer.

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Kaffarah (Expiation) for breaking the Fast deliberately in the month of Ramadan

Although, nothing could be compared with keeping the Fast, yet ALLAH (S.W.T.) has made everything easy for the believer. In case, if a believer has broken the fast deliberately, ALLAH (S.W.T.) has provided the believer with an option of Kaffarah. However, this does not mean that a believer is free to break the fast at his will. A Believer, no matter how intense the problem is, is not at all allowed to skip the fasts. However, these days, the people don’t have the body structures like those of the ancient and medieval times. Also, many people lose control over themselves and indulge in various activities that could break fast. Thus, for the people who have deliberately broken fasts are required to pay the Kaffarah. According to the Scholars of Islam, and other authentic sources, the Kaffarah for breaking or leaving a Single Fast in a month of Ramadan without a valid cause is feeding Sixty Hungry people for a day. If one has not enough means to feed Sixty Hungry people, then the expiation of breaking or leaving a fast Deliberately is fasting for about 60 consecutive days. If this could also not be done, then the expiation of deliberately breaking the fast is freeing one slave.

Completing the Holy Qur’an in the Month of Ramadan

Qur'an (Islamic Hikayatein)

Reading Qur’an has lot of virtues and rewards associated with it. However, reading the Holy Qur’an in the month of Ramadan has much significance and greater reward, The reason is that the Holy Quran was completed in the Month of Ramadan. Thus, reading it in this Holy month has lot of virtues and rewards as compared to the other months.

This is the reason we find many people in the mosques reading Qur’an after every prayer. However, I will also encourage the people across other countries to read the Qur’an with Translation and with Proper Tafseer from the Aalim of Ahlus Sunnah.

Zak’at in the Month of Ramadan

Ramadan 2024 Date (Islamic Hikayatein)

Zak’at is the term that is special to the month of Ramadan. All those people who have enough means of livelihood, and ALLAH (S.W.T.) has bestowed them with lot of richness are required to give some of their earnings as a part of Zak’at to poor needy Muslims. According to the Scholars of Islam, and through authentic Islamic sources, a believer can pay Zak’at to his needy Muslim brother in the form of Money, food, as well as the livestock. If a believer has large number of Livestock, then the Zak’at will be on his livestock. The same applies to other assets of the believers as well. Regarding the percentage of Zak’at to be given in the form of money to the poor and needy believers, the Zak’at is to be calculated on every asset and (1/10) of the share from the total calculation has to be paid off to the poor and needy believers.


As the month of Ramadan is coming, it is the time to prepare ourselves and repent from the old sinful ways. It is the time to make full use of the month of Ramadan. we don’t know whether we will get a chance to see another Ramadan.

May ALLAH (S.W.T.) give us the death upon the path of Islam, and may He make us use this full month to achieve salvation (Ruhaniyat).

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