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ISLAMIC ASTROLOGY CLASS 1: Unlocking Aries Sign Mastery

Aries Sign Islamic Astrology (Class 1)

People born in the aries sign sign are usually warrior kind, as Mars is the planet that rules Aries, and it is a warrior planet. These people are usually short tempered and indulges in fights over little things. These people easily get persuaded. Having the warrior nature, these people can’t reside at one place and move from one place to another place frequently. These people are emotional and usually have a soft corner towards their partners (especially males). This is the reason that these people are usually ruled by their partners.


Dua for WItr

INTRODUCTION The ‘Dua for Witr’ is a necessity in the Witr prayers offered in Isha Prayer. Salah, an essential Second Pillar of Islam out of Five is obligatory on every Muslim around the globe. Each day, the ‘Moazzin’ gives Azan (call to prayer), prompting millions of believers worldwide to perform the five compulsory Salah at […]

Mathematical Miracles of Quran: Unlocking the Astonishing Power

Mathematical Miracles of Quran

There is not a single but a lot of mathematical miracles of Quran that comes out when one reads the holy scripture. As we all know every Prophet was sent with a Miracle, and the last Prophet (MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.)) was also given a miracle. This article discusses the mathematical miracles of the Qur’an updated on regular basis.

Unrevealing the powerful wisdom behind Circumcision in Islam

Circumcision in Islam Islamic Hikayatein

Circumcision in Islam: Answering the Critics When one looks at the Abrahamic religions today, no Abrahamic religion actually criticizes the Circumcision.  Circumcision in Islam is not a new practice. The practice of circumcision is very ancient and is related to the religion since the time of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.), also known as Abraham in Hebrew […]


What is Shirk in Islam?

INTRODUCTION Islam is a true Deen of ALLAH (S.W.T.), and thus it is important to know what is Shirk in Islam? Every Prophet from Adam (A.S.) to MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.) was sent with the message of Tawheed (Oneness of God). Every Prophet and Messenger of ALLAH (S.W.T.) came with one message i.e. to worship only one […]


History of Shia Sect

Introduction to Shia Sect of Islam The second-largest sect of Islam after ‘Sunni’ is the ‘Shia Sect’ of Islam’. The Shias constitute around 15-20% of the total Muslims. Also known by other names (e.g. Ahl e Tashayyo, Rafidhi e.t.c.), the Shia community lives in the majority in Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Bahrain, and Lebanon. There are […]

When is Ramadan 2024 date?

Islamic Hikayatein

The Ramadan 2024 date in India is ‘Monday 11th March 2024’
Ramadan is a month that has a high place among the sacred months of our religion Islam.

The Powerful ‘Dua e Istikhara’

Dua e Istikhara

Dua e Istikhara is a Dua that is read after the Isha Salah to get the answers to the most important questions of Life. This includes marriage, studying at different institutes, choosing between different jobs, e.t.c.

5 Pillars of Islam

5 Pillars of Islam

Introduction Islam, a true religion for mankind stands on the basic Five Pillars, also called as 5 Pillars of Islam. If any Muslim disbelieves on any of the Pilar, then he would get out of the bounds of Islam. Every religion stands on some Pillars, and when it comes to Islam, there are basic Five […]

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

ISLAMIC DREAM INTERPRETATION IN REFERENCE TO QUR’AN In this article, our main focus would be to discuss Islamic dream Interpretation in the light of the Qur’an and Hadith. We all see dreams. Isn’t it! According to a Hadith, Dreams are (1/40)th part of the Prophecy. They convey the information to an individual regarding the past, […]