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Amazing Dua for Job

Dua for Job
Dua for Job

People demand the Dua for Job Heavily

In this 21st century we are living in, everyone wants to have a good money through a good Job. Islamic Hikayatein has the Dua for jobs through authentic Qur’an and Hadith narrations that will lend the unemployed people a good job.

Now the Unemployed people need not to worry about their unemployment, as this dua for getting a Job not only will lend a good Job, but also will give a job with high income.

Jami ul Matloob Shareef – Amazing Dua for Job

The Jami’ul Matloob Shareef is the most authentic Dua for Job and other life related problems. This Dua has come through different authentic chain of narrations of Auliya ALLAH.

Anyone suffering from any kind of problem in life, especially the ones who are not getting employed, or the ones who are having different problems must recite this dua through Permission from our Master.

For asking the permission from our Master to recite this Dua and have access to different worldly-spiritual advantages, please fill the contact us form page, and we will reply to you back!

The below Dua is the Jamiul Matloob Shareef


Dua Jamiul Matloob
Dua Jamiul Matloob

Benefits of Dua Jamiul Matloob other than being Dua for Job

The Dua Jamiul Matloob Shareef is written in the world’s famous Amalyat book ‘Shama Shabistan Raza’, ‘Amal e Raza’, and ‘Shama Shabistan Noori’.

This Dua besides offering the job to any individual has many other associated benefits. Firstly, it clears the Aura of the daily recitor of this Dua. All the negative Satanic Energies surrounding the erson gets eliminated. Secondly, this Dua heals all the planets that have negative affect on the individual and brings good fortune. Third, this Dua protects the believer from every kind of accident, Calamity, Life Problems, Black Magic, Witchcraft, and Evil Eye.

This Dua is an Istekhara as well, and any believer wanting to get an answer to any Question must recite this Dua 41 times after Isha before Sleeping to get the answer to the Question.

However, no one can read this Dua without the permission of the renowned Amils. If you want to get the benefits from this Dua, then do contact us to get the permission from my master. For this, just fill out the Contact form, or comment below.

You can also buy a Talisman that is really effective and brings good charm. For the Amulet, just write the message to us by filling contact form.

Reading this Dua without the permission of any Master (Amil) of this Dua will bring negative effects.

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