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What is Shirk in Islam?

INTRODUCTION Islam is a true Deen of ALLAH (S.W.T.), and thus it is important to know what is Shirk in Islam? Every Prophet from Adam (A.S.) to MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.) was sent with the message of Tawheed (Oneness of God). Every Prophet and Messenger of ALLAH (S.W.T.) came with one message i.e. to worship only one […]


History of Shia Sect

Introduction to Shia Sect of Islam The second-largest sect of Islam after ‘Sunni’ is the ‘Shia Sect’ of Islam’. The Shias constitute around 15-20% of the total Muslims. Also known by other names (e.g. Ahl e Tashayyo, Rafidhi e.t.c.), the Shia community lives in the majority in Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Bahrain, and Lebanon. There are […]

Zina in Islam: A dark path full of thorns

Zina in Islam

Zina in Islam: The Fatal Addiction Zina in Islam, or Adultery in Islam is one of the most hated acts in Islam and even in other monotheistic religions like Islam and Christianity, the Zina is considered as the heinous sin. Be it the bible, or the Qur’an, Zina has a punishment mentioned in every heavenly […]

Protests: An Islamic Perspective

Protests: An Islamic Perspective

WHY DISCUSSING THE TOPIC PROTESTS:AN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE The reason it became important to write about this topic i.e. Protests: An Islamic Perspective was because of many reasons. The very first reason is known by most of us. The current situations of the Muslims living in the non-Muslim countries is getting worst day by day. The […]

Dogs in Islam

Dogs in Islam

 VIEW ABOUT DOGS IN ISLAM Dogs have always been the great topic of discussion in Islam. People hold very strict views about dogs in Islam. While some believe that keeping dogs at home or inside one’s apartment is legal in Islam and Islam does not prohibit Muslims to keep the dogs, the majority of the […]

Amazing Dua for Job

Dua for Job

People demand the Dua for Job Heavily In this 21st century we are living in, everyone wants to have a good money through a good Job. Islamic Hikayatein has the Dua for jobs through authentic Qur’an and Hadith narrations that will lend the unemployed people a good job. Now the Unemployed people need not to […]

Barsisa-The Obedient Worshipper gone astray


Personal Life of Barsisa This story is about a very obedient worshipper of ALLAH (S.W.T.) i.e. Barsisa who fell into the trap of Shaitan and registered himself into the list of the people of Hell. This story about ‘Barsisa’ is quoted in Ibn a-Jauzi, Talbees Iblees on Page.39. This lengthy story is of the ‘people […]

Business Etiquettes in Islam

Business Etiquttes of islam

INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ETIQUETTES IN ISLAM Business Etiquettes in Islam are the first thing when it comes to doing business as ‘business’ was one of the most beloved things for Prophet MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.). If we study Islam and all the Prophets deeply, almost all the Prophets used to do certain kinds of Business. Eg. Hazrat […]

Benefits of Reading Surah Kahf

Benefts of Reading Surah Kahf

Qur’an and Hadith on the Benefits of Reading Surah Kahf  Surah Kahf is the 18th Chapter of the Noble Quran and there are many benefits of Reading Surah Kahf. This Surah is a Makki Surah revealed to Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH) in Mecca at the time when Mushriks (Disbelievers) of Mecca went to Prophet MUHAMMAD to […]