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Arabs: Exposing the real culprit behind the sufferings of the Muslim Ummah

Arabs King Salman on Saudi Arabia currency notes

The reason why the Muslim Ummah lags behind today and suffers is largely due to the Arabs, particularly the sheikhs in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. It’s disheartening to realize that our own Muslim brothers are contributing to the suffering of others in the Ummah. While Muslims in Gaza, Palestine, and other nations struggle to survive, Arabs are indulging in luxurious lifestyles and constructing extravagant buildings. One of the prophecies indicating the nearness of the end times is that Muslims will compete in constructing tall buildings.


Islamic Psychology vs Modern Psychology

INTRODUCTION Islamic Psychology has been an important aspect for Muslim world from the times of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) and Sahaba. From Greeks to Babylonians, from Judaism and Christianity to Islam, Psychology as a subject and mind-sciences has evolved from time to time. During the Golden Era of Islam, various Islamic Sciences flourished and Islamic Psychology […]

Indonesia to Indigenize the Arabic Name for ‘Jesus Christ’

Indonesia to Indigenize the Arabic Name for ‘Jesus Christ’

Indonesia will no more use the Arabic name ‘Isa (a.s.)‘ for referring to Jesus Christ. Rather, the ‘Jesus Christ’ would be called by the name in Bahasa-language as ‘Yesus Kristus’. In Indonesia, the Christian Festivals are celebrated with full Liberty. According to the Statistical data, there are approx. 10.5% of the Christians living in Indonesia […]